STI/Condom Week (6 - 14 February 2005) | Western Cape Government

STI/Condom Week (6 - 14 February 2005)

(Western Cape Government)
Promotional information on Condom Awareness Week.

STI/Condom Week

6 - 14 February 2005

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) remain a problem even though most can be easily and painlessly cured.
It is your responsibility to have safer sex: this means either not having sex or ensuring every sexual encounter is safe. Khomanani enables me and the society in which I live to take control and responsibility for my life and health (IT ALL STARTS WITH ME)
Together we can prevent STIs including HIV by assuming personal responsibility, promoting responsible sexual behaviour and caring for those affected and infected with the virus. High Quality "Choice" condoms are available at your workplace.
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