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A Fitting Tribute to Our Living Legends

(Western Cape Government)
Noteworthy contributions by sporting icons and people who have given a lifetime of service to sport in the Western Cape will be honoured at the annual Sport Legend ceremony at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on Friday, 14 December 2012.

This momentous event, hosted by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) and its partners pay tribute to sport administrators, legends, heroes and icons who have contributed uncompromisingly to the development, transformation and growth of sport in South Africa, and more specifically in the Western Cape.

The High Performance Sport Promotion Unit of DCAS was tasked to recognize these sporting heroes and heroines who qualified as worthy contributors to be awarded at this year's 8th anniversary. The event also serves to acknowledge the contributions made by sporting activists, in shaping the future of sport in the province. In the past it had linkages with the Christmas Tinto Cup. The linkage created an opportunity for young and old to rub shoulders and share experiences, and hopefully the youth will also obtain wisdom from legends.

The sport codes that will receive focus during 2012 are tug of war, fencing, school sport and the criteria include people who have made a significant contribution to sport and who are regarded as icons in their communities.

Nominees must be aged 50 or more and should preferably be in retirement, except in outstanding cases where the qualifications of the candidate speak for themselves. Nomination forms have been in circulation since 18 May 2012 by federations of the sporting codes, Transforming Monitoring Committee (TMC), regional sport councils and the regional sport offices of DCAS. The deadline was 2 November 2012.

The Department is proud to acknowledge people who gracefully gave sport their all and who played a role. To date, about 244 legends have been honoured.

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