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Spending Wisely

Spend Wisely


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The festive season is a time of celebration and relaxation.


During this time, consumers tend to over indulge and ‘break the bank’.


The Western Cape Office of the Consumer Protector (OCP) has launched this annual campaign in order to create awareness about the pitfalls of overspending and poor budgeting, as well as to promote careful spending habits during the festive period.

With clever adjustments to our budgets, living within our means and avoiding false advertising, we can all make it through what can be a challenging festive season.

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Save some money to use during the beginning of the New Year. 

Remember: School fees, rates and taxes still need to be paid in January

Relevant Contact Details

Consumer Help Line 0800 007 081

Office of the Consumer Protection (OCP)  021 483 5133

Workshop and information sessions 021 483 9282

Email: Consumer.Protection@westerncape.gov.za

Fax: 021 483 9474

Postal Address

PO BOX 979

Cape Town


For more information, please contact:

Deputy Director: Office of the Consumer Protector Phenias Ncube

t: 021 483 9282 or email:  Phenias.Ncube@westerncape.gov.za


The content on this page was last updated on 9 November 2018