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SDF Article 1

The Mossel Bay Municipality is currently in the process of drafting a Spatial Development Framework (SDF) for the Mossel Bay Local Municipal Area, as prescripbed in terms of Section 26(e) of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000).

This is the first in a series of three articles to inform the inhabitants of the Mossel Bay Municipal Area as to the process and intended outcomes of the Spatial Development Framework, as well the opportunities that would be provided for the general public and or interested and affected parties to provide input to the preparation and completion of the SDF. This issue highlights the background to the drafting of the SDF.


The SDF is being prepared for the Mossel Bay Local Municipality Area as depicted in the accompanying map.

Mossel Bay Municipal Area


The purpose of the SDF is to identify, and provide for the integration of the spatial needs of a community as identified in the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), in such a manner so as to ensure that the general well-being of the particular community, and orderly planning of the area, is promoted in a sustainable manner. This amongst others include:

  • the identification of desired patterns of land use
  • the identification of spatial growth directions
  • the conservation of the natural and built environment
  • the correction of past spatial imbalances as well as the integration of formerly disadvantaged areas.


The SDF will, in terms of the Municipal Systems Act be approved as part of the IDP, and will therefore have statutory status. The SDF will furthermore prevail over what was previously known as Guide Palns, now refered to as Urban Structure Plans. The Mossel Bay SDF will therefore prevail over the existing Mossel Bay / Riversdale Sud-region Urban Structure Plan (Guide Plan - 1994), once approved. It should however be noted that the SDF, once approved, will not infringe upon any existing rights, create additional rights, or exempt anybody to comply with any legislation as may be required.


A series of public meetings will be held during November 2003, throughout the Municipal Area at which the SDF will be presented. Members of the public will also be provided with a opportunity of no less that 60 days to scrutinise and provide written comment on the SDF. Formal advertisements will be placed so as to inform the public of the time and venues for the various public meetings, as well how and where the SDF documentation can be viewed or obtained.

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