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Applicants are required to submit a written proposal.

Proposals must contain the following information as specified in the SMME Booster Fund Terms of Reference: 

· Company profile;

· Description of the intervention with outcomes;

· Implementation plan with timelines;

· Relevant experience with successes;

· Detailed budget breakdown;

· Quantifiable value add / own contribution / co-funding; and

· Monitoring and evaluation plan

Each applicant is permitted to submit a maximum of one proposal per category. It is advisable to submit your application as early as possible as no late applications will be considered. Please note: Successful applicants will be selected during August 2019.

Closing Date: 15 July 2019 at 16:00

Information Session:

Please note that a non-compulsory briefing session will take place on 28 June 2019 at 11:00 at the following address:

10th Floor, 80 Waldorf Building, St George's Mall, Cape Town

How to submit entries:

Proposals must be submitted either:

(a) electronically to the email address that is supplied


(b) delivered (via registered mail or personally submitted) to 80 St Georges Mall, Waldorf Building, 10th Floor, Cape Town.



Note: Each applicant is permitted to submit a maximum of one proposal per category. 

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Business Development Support Programmes aimed at SMMEs (including social enterprises) with either high growth opportunities, are youth owned and/or are women-owned.


SMMEs in distress (e.g. due to resource constraints related to water or energy).


Infrastructure development (e.g. trading places) by municipalities that supports and enhances SMME activities


Corporates and or organisations directly implementing Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programmes



Applicants must demonstrate the ability to provide or secure equivalent co-funding (financial or non-financial) to that of the department.

Applicants must be a recognised legal entity/organisation/institution that promotes and develops SMMEs and entrepreneurship.

Applicants must demonstrate that they have an established and appropriate monitoring and evaluation system.

Applicants must be fully compliant with administrative requirements (see Annexure A), with co-applicants (in the case of consortia) required to satisfy the same eligibility criteria as applicable to the lead applicant;

Applicants (contracted parties) must be solvent, having been operating for more than two years, and having audited annual financial statements for the previous two financial years, with co-applicants (in the case of consortia) likewise subject to these criteria.

The beneficiaries of the proposed initiative must have an operational footprint in the Western Cape, with a focus on South African owned businesses;

Applicants must have a verifiable track record of at least three years’ in the area of interest;

The proposed initiatives must delineate their potential for job creation; sustainability; value for money; systemic change as well as specific opportunities intended for rural and urban, township-based. and women and youth owned businesses.

Applicant administration systems must align with good governance processes and robust monitoring and evaluation must be built into the project design.


You are welcome to contact the Department regarding your question to:

                             Business Distress                                                                     Enterprise and Supplier Development

Joshua Wolmarans                                                                                   Sharief Davids

       021 483 2628                                                                                           021 483 9112



Business Development Support Programmes                                     Infrastructure Development Support

Patricia September                                                                                     Deon Damons

       021 483 8768                                                                                              021 483 4934                                    




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