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The Slangrivier e-Centre and Cape Access is bringing ICT to the people


Through the Cape Access programme, the Slangrivier e-Centre in the Hessequa region in the Western Cape is changing the lives of the community by making information and communication technologies (ICT) readily accessible.

In the town of Slangrivier, in the Western Cape, with a population of roughly 5 000 citizens, the need for access to Information and communication technology (ICT) has steadily increased.

The town, that was first established as a settlement in 1838, is located 15 km from Heidelberg, about 50 km from Riversdale and 33 km from Witsand. Its name literally means “snake river”.

Before the opening of the Slangrivier e-Centre the area had poor access to ICT services. Since the centre first opened its doors on 27 July 2016, it’s been recording steady numbers visiting regularly. Now an integral part of the Slangrivier community, the e-Centre records up to 1 300 visits of registered users each month.

The centre Manager Johnolan Williams and the Development Manager Memicka van Niekerk oversee the daily operations of the centre.

The e-Centre that is housed in the Hessequa Municipality Building offers the following:


  • Use of computers.
  • Access to the internet.
  • Help with the setup of email accounts.
  • Access to government information.
  • Typing and rationed printing (maximum of 10 pages a day per user).
  • Search for job, business and tender information.


  • Informal computer training.
  • E-learner: entry level accredited certificate.
  • International Computer driver’s license (ICDL).

The Slangrivier e-Centre has made a positive impact on the lives of the citizens in this small community. Not only did it open the world of ICT for the community but it also brought opportunities and possibilities for personal growth. The centre has given members basic ICT skills training as well as accredited computer training (e-learner and ICDL). “The centre has grown remarkably over the last 2 years and has seen 4 graduation ceremonies, with 55 members graduating successfully with accredited computer training”, says Williams.

Many of the registered visitors have used the facility to do online applications to universities. “I am so proud to say many of them are currently studying”, Williams added.

According to Williams there is one student that stands out, Eliza Michales. She visited the centre daily for her studies on a Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Health Care. “I would like to thank Slangrivier e-Centre and staff for assisting me through my year of studies with podcasts that made it possible for me to listen to a series of lectures. We are really blessed to have an ICT facility in our community”, said Michales.

Contact the e-Centre:
Tel: 028 713 7892

The content on this page was last updated on 5 March 2020