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Typical Victims

Women of all ages are harassed - physically attractive or plain, sexily or soberly dressed. A woman's high rank or status in the organisation, her age or her race, is no insurance or shield: a man may regard her as a special challenge. If she succumbs, he will feel more powerful, or say "after all, she is still just a woman".

Women who are particularly vulnerable include:

  • Women heads-of-household, who need their jobs badly.
  • Divorcées or widows are often psychologically vulnerable because of loneliness and personal loss - and they can't "plead virginity".
  • Women who are timid or insecure about their abilities, and lack self-confidence and career-related education; who have limited potential for advancement and are easy to replace.
  • Women who are eager to be accepted and liked, and may find it difficult to be assertive and say "No". Their friendliness and helpfulness is often misread as an invitation.
  • Saleswomen may be pressured by clients to meet sexual demands in exchange for their business. To make matters worse, their employers may urge them to comply.
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