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Respect scholar patrols

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Learners taking up the call to be part of a scholar patrol team might not be old enough to be traffic officers, but they are just as committed to road safety, particularly child pedestrian road safety.

Their responsibility is a big one. They need the cooperation of other road users to help ensure the safety of the learners they serve.

Be patient, obey the rules of the road, and be extra cautious around scholar patrols.

Partnering for scholar patrol road safety

The Department of Transport and Public Works partners with local authorities' traffic departments to train scholar patrols in line with the Road Traffic Management Corporation’s (RTMC) national scholar patrol project.

The RTMC supports provinces with equipment and uniforms if there is a shortage. They also visit these schools to check that the scholar patrols operate according to the prescripts and that the necessary documents are on file at schools.

Teaching road safety

scholar patrol training

We’ve already had 120 scholar patrol engagements this year which include training, auditing and needs assessments at various schools. Some schools we assisted this year include:

  • Hermanus Primary
  • Hawston Primary
  • Luhkanyo Primary
  • Erika Primary
  • Great Brak Primary
  • Isalatisho Primary
  • Ridgeview Primary

Read more about our scholar patrol interventions:

How to get a scholar patrol at your school

  1. The school can express concerns about learner road safety to the Department or to the local traffic department.
  2. Our road safety officers visit the school to assess whether a scholar patrol is the best intervention in the circumstances or whether another intervention would be safer, e.g. placing a traffic warden on duty or installing a traffic light.
  3. If your school qualifies, you must register with the Department or the relevant traffic authority. We will then add you to our database which currently contains 350 schools.
  4. We train and provide the team with uniforms and equipment.
  5. We continue to monitor the scholar patrols through school visits.

Read more about scholar patrol registration, prescripts and procedures on Arrive Alive’s website.

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