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Rehabilitated Piesang Valley and Robberg Roads

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)

The Piesang Valley and Robberg Roads in Plettenberg Bay were officially reopened on 21 May 2013.

Road maintenance and construction continues to be a priority for the Department of Transport and Public Works which allocated R1.856 billion of its 2011/2012 budget to Transport Infrastructure during this period. The project started in November 2011.

Improved Road Surfaces

Both roads carry a large amount of traffic daily:

  • Piesang Valley Road carries 4 500 vehicles daily.
  • Robberg Road carries 2 800 vehicles daily.

The roads showed severe distress and failed areas. The rehabilitation included resurfacing of the road as both roads started to crack and needed a lot of patching. Improvements were made to the concrete line and open drains.

Piesang Valley Road

Before ResurfacingAfter Resurfacing


Robberg Road

Before ResurfacingAfter Resurfacing


Creating Jobs

A portion of the R67 million spent on the project went into training and creating jobs.

Approximately R350 000 was spent on training local workers. Training included:

  • Life Skills
  • First Aid
  • Engineering

R8 million was spent on local labour with 100 to 120 people working on the roads daily since the project started in November 2011.


Road Safety

To improve road safety, special attention was placed on road widths, passing lanes and intersection improvement:

Installation of new guardrails on both roads.

Construction of two new climbing lanes on each road.
Improvement to intersection.

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