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(The Government of South Africa)
What is:

PMTCT: The Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission programme by the government is to administer the drug Nevirapone to HIV-positive mothers to prevent the virus from being transmitted to the baby. There are several pilot studues in the country, which are being monitored to test efficacy.

Spillover Effect: This is predicted to happen when mothers who are HIB-positive get free infant formula from health facilities, HIV-negative mothers begin to feel they could receive it too. Most health workers feel this spillover effect will jeopardise the good practices of breastfeeding already in place.

Exclusive Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding a baby exclusively, that is not mixing with infant formula and not introducing solud food before six months.

Sustained Breastfeeding: Means that even after introducing solid foods or starting to mix feed (that is do both infant feeding formula feeds and breast feeds), you continue to breastfeed till the baby is two years old or beyond.

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