Quarterly Economic Bulletins

This bulletin is the only regular economic publication by the Western Cape Government that communicates its economic strategy, key strategic economic interventions and policy directives.The QEB analyses economic trends and events that affect the regional and national economy and discusses economic opportunities for the region and its firms.

1. Quarter 3 of 2016

This QEB explores the impact and potential responses to the fourth wave of industrialisation. The potential impact to employment is truly scary and will require focus at the helm if the country is to navigate the tsunami of technological innovations that threatens employment. This edition attempts to explain and simplify the complexities of energy, one of the Province’s Game Changers. In addition, it explores the growth in halaal food demand and shares the rationale of why halaal food is so integral to Project Khulisa.

2. Quarter 2 of 2016

This bulletin sheds light on some of the factors influencing the provincial economy, and features a broad range of topics. Some of the topics discussed are the global economic outlook, energising the Western Cape, electric cars and gap-housing. Our analysts highlight potential opportunities in the economy and we hear from investors about doing business in the province.

3. Second Edition: Quarter 1 of 2016

The second edition of the bulletin focuses on our currency and provides detailed outlooks for the national and provincial economies. It also shares information on the key policy decisions we’ve made to achieve the provincial government’s number one goal, that of growth and job creation. This approach, through Project Khulisa, is to place special attention on those areas of our economy with a competitive edge, and which hold opportunity to grow. In this edition, we further discuss the Project Khulisa strategy, with a particular focus on our fastest-growing sector, tourism.

4. First Edition: Quarter 4 of 2015

This first edition of the Western Cape Quarterly Economic Bulletin describes the intended outcomes and strategic thrusts of the Provincial Strategic Goal 1 - Create opportunities for jobs and growth. It focuses on the structure of the Western Cape economy and its 29 municipalities.

This edition also examines the performance of the global economy and national economies and takes a closer look at industry performances as well as the economic outlook for these economies.

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Quarterly Economic Bulletin

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