Premier of the Western Cape: Big Issues and Projects

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What are the big issues in the Western Province
Big Issues
What's happening in the province?
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   > State of the Province Address (SOPA)
   > The Premier's Co-ordinating Forum (PCF)

The Premier delivers the State of the Province Address every year and outlines the provincial government's priorities for the coming year.


The objective of the Premier's Co-ordinating Forum (PCF) is to promote and facilitate intergovernmental relations and cooperative government between provincial government and municipalities to ensure integrated, effective and efficient service delivery.

The PCF is the primary consultative forum for the Premier of the Western Cape and municipalities within the province to discuss and consult on matters of mutual interest. Existing provincial and municipal IGR engagements and national IGR engagements feed into the PCF and vice versa. The PCF consists of the PCF plenary and PCF cluster sessions, i.e. Social, Economic and Governance and administration. Resolutions or referrals from the cluster sessions feed into the PCF Plenary session for final resolution and adoption.


The Executive Project Dashboard (EPD) is the information management tool for the Western Cape Provincial Transversal Management System. The EPD is aimed at effective implementation of the PGWC Strategic Objectives. This is done by prioritising service delivery and eliminating unnecessary duplication of services while ensuring that projects are completed within allocated budget and time.



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