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Outcomes of the 16 Days of Activism "My Strength is not for Hurting" Campaign

Involvement of Men

Acknowledging that the quest for gender equality and the eradication of violence and abuse against women cannot be achieved without the active involvement and commitment from men.

Thus as Government it is important to create opportunities (not at the expense of women) for men to start to actively engage on the notion of "Masculinity" and the widely associated stereotype of Masculinity meaning bravery, independence and sexual activity.


Bringing Men together also speaks to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and how the sexual behaviour of Men makes women more vulnerable to become affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Attitudes and behaviours of men are critical to prevention efforts. Violence against women further erodes women's negotiating position when it comes to condom usage. It also makes women vulnerable to poverty.

Children's March with a focus on Missing Children

This March endorses the commitment from SAPS and Government as a whole to utilise resources to find the "Missing Children." The Premier will join the March which starts at District Six and proceeds to the Water Front.

Increasing ECD intake to 25 000
will alleviate the burden on working parents and especially single mothers who have to work during the day and do not have reliable and sustainable support for their "little ones".

Training 138 Matriculants as Caregivers:

Training our Youth as caregivers will contribute towards creating compassionate and caring communities and will no doubt instill values and morals in young people, which will contribute towards caring societies. Youth will also have a skill, which will contribute towards their marketability. This project also speaks to moral regeneration.

Focus on the needs of Disabled Persons:

Theme: "Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Action in Development" The observance of International Day of Disabled Persons (3 December) aims to promote understanding of disability issues and mobilise support for the dignity, rights and well being of persons with disabilities.

The Anti Rape Strategy
A focus on the Anti Rape Strategy endorses the commitment of Government to create safer communities for women, it also speaks to Government's commitment to put sustainable mechanisms in place to reduce the occurrences of rape and to improve the prosecuting processes. It formalises strategies for prevention, support and reaction for victims of rape and their families as well as those at risk of rape.

Promotion of Trauma Rooms:

The partnership between SAPS and the Department of Community Safety to have open days at all the police stations in the Metro Area on 2 December illustrates importance of partnerships but once again the commitment of government (national and provincial) to ensure that women have access to information and services.

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