Measuring the impact: Increased employment in the Western Cape economy | Western Cape Government

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Measuring the impact: Increased employment in the Western Cape economy

The Vision Inspired Priority (VIP 2: Growth and Jobs) of the Provincial Strategic Plan (PSP) captures the Provincial measures of success which are to grow the economy and jobs over the next five years. The Department will contribute to growing employment by increasing the competitiveness of the Province, which will enable increased investment, economic growth, and real job opportunities. Economic growth and inclusive job creation can be propelled by driving regional competitiveness, developing tradable sectors, attracting investment, investing in infrastructure, and growing exports. This is underpinned by resource resilience, which can either constrain or enable economic growth.

Given the structural nature of our economy, issues of equality of access to opportunities are considered throughout these focus areas. Improving the overall business environment is vital. The WCG needs to make it easier for enterprises from the smallest township SMMEs to the largest foreign investors to do business. Similarly, there is a need for government to enable government to do business with the private sector more efficiently

The content on this page was last updated on 22 December 2020