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Metro North

(Western Cape Government)

The MOD Sport and Recreation Programme has been operational in District North of the Cape Metro since mid-2010, contributing to mass participation and opportunity, talent identification and skills development for underserved schools and disadvantaged communities.

There are currently a total of 21 Mass Opportunity and Development (MOD) Centres in the region, including primary school centres, high school centres as well as recreation centres, and plans are afoot to open more centres. The programme provides employment and capacity building opportunities for community workers thus leading to job creation and skills development.
For further information on the MOD programme in the region, please use the contact details below:

Sharon Macmahon
Western Cape Sports School, Nooiensfontein Road, Kuils River
Contact person: Sharon Macmahon
Tel:  072 521 3314
Office: 021 200 8446


The content on this page was last updated on 15 March 2014