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Open Government First Thursdays

(Western Cape Government)

The Western Cape Government is committed to bringing open, accessible, transparent and accountable government to residents, businesses and entrepreneurs, which is why we joined the First Thursdays Cape Town initiative.

First thursdays exhibitThe brainchild of Gareth Pearson, First Thursdays Cape Town is a free, cultural experience where locals and visitors can enjoy and explore the city’s cultural richness. Located in the CBD, art galleries, boutiques, shops, restaurants and the Western Cape Government all form part of the event by keeping their doors open until 21:00.

Open Government First Thursdays is a practical and sustainable way of contributing to bridging the gap between government and communities in the Western Cape – ensuring access for citizens and exposure for businesses. The event not only offers guests the opportunity for one-on-one engagement with the Premier, MECs and departmental staff, but it also gives entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and services during the exhibition.  

How it works

Every first Thursday of a new month, ‘hot desks’ are set up for the Premier, MECs and government officials, making 10- to 15-minute public engagements possible. We work on a ‘first come-first serve’ basis.

In an effort to reduce crowding during the COVID-19 lockdown, Open Government First Thursdays takes place on radio, allowing members of the public to call in or submit questions to the Premier live on air.

Call in to Bush Radio 89.5 on 021 448 6266, WhatsApp on 061 862 1065 or SMS the keyword “COVID-19” to 32158 followed by your question, name and area, or tune in on Premier Alan Winde’s Facebook page and leave your question in the comment section.

First Thursdays Premier Alan WindeFirst Thursday enquiries:

Hayley Roodt, First Thursday Coordinator

Tel: 021 483 6725





The content on this page was last updated on 1 April 2021