What to expect from OCP this Savings Month | Western Cape Government

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What to expect from OCP this Savings Month

(Provincial Cabinet, Western Cape Government)

What to expect from OCP this Savings Month?

A series of consumer awareness and education programs have been lined up throughout the Province. In order to achieve maximum impact from these events, the OCP will be joined by other regulatory bodies such as the National Credit Regulator, the Council for Medical Aid Schemes and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa; as well as other relevant NPO’s and NGO’s. These events will include shopping mall exhibitions and awareness campaigns as well as Financial Literacy Workshops with a special focus on the following topics: Your Money, Your Accounts, Budgeting and the CPA.

Additional advice on topics such as adverse listing (blacklisting), emolument attachments orders, garnishee orders, repossessions, debt review processes, and accountability by suppliers to consumers will also be provided on request.

The OCP believes that its services, which include resolving consumer complaints and consumer education, are important in promoting access to redress as well as changing consumer behaviour. The awareness campaigns planned in celebration of Savings Month will also ensure that consumers’ awareness of their rights is significantly increased.

The content on this page was last updated on 12 July 2019