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Your Complaint

The complaint should explain in detail, with documentation, what the problem is, who it is with and what you have done to try and resolve the issue.

Complaints and queries are generally resolved by way of negotiation with the business and/or mediation between the business and the consumer.

The process is managed by trained consumer advisors. They will act on your behalf and keep you informed of progress.

The toll free Call Centre

The OCP, via an external service provider, maintains a call centre through which consumers who have queries or disputes can contact the OCP and lodge a formal complaint. The call centre agents are suitably trained to obtain the full details of the complaint which are thereafter forwarded to the OCP for further investigation and finalisation. The call centre number is 0800 007 081.

The call centre receives on average of 1 100 calls per month. Of these, approx 450 translate into complaints that require mediation between the OCP (acting o.b.o. consumers) and service/product providers complained about. The balance of complaints involve providing advice or referrals to other regulatory bodies. Examples of regulators are: National Credit Regulator (NCR) (credit issues); Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) (advertising); Banking Ombudsman; Pension Funds Adjudicator; Ombudsmen for Insurance (Long & Short Term); Rental Housing Tribunal, Financial Services Board (FSB), etc.

In addition to the call centre service the OCP also offers a "walk in" service. In other words consumers may visit the OCP office at St Georges Mall Cape Town and formally lodge a complaint.

'Walk-ins': Approximately 50 consumers lodge new complaints at our offices at 80 St George's Mall in the Cape Town CBD every month. A further 50 or so new complaints per month are lodged by fax or letter. A small number are submitted monthly by e-mail.

What are the most prevalent types of complaints received by the OCP

  • Electrical and electronic appliance defects
  • Furniture - product defects/returns/refunds
  • Motor vehicles - repairs
  • Financial - micro-loans, collections
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