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Mitchells Plain Hospital

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)

The new Mitchells Plain Hospital is located in a high value conservation area, surrounded by five hectares of Cape fauna and flora. The Department of Transport and Public Works constructed the hospital using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and the building is orientated to maximise site views and natural sunlight.

The hospital uses time switches and movement and daylight sensors to avoid unnecessary burning of lights and the design approach enhances the healing process.

Inpatient services cover:

  • 60 Medical adult beds.
  • 60 Surgical adult beds.
  • 60 Obstetrics beds, including Kangaroo mother care.
  • 30 Paediatrics beds.
  • 20 Overnight beds.
  • Accident and Emergency Unit.
  • General Outpatients.

The Mitchells Plain Hospital is surrounded by five hectares of Cape fauna and flora.

Front view of the new hospital.

The hospital provides colourful outside seats.

Emergency triage for patients staying for one night.

The information desk is situated near
the entrance of the hospital.

Brightly coloured walls are seen throughout the hospital. This is the outpatients unit.

The outpatients hallway.

The walls of the passages are covered in different paintings.

The brand new x-ray room.

Walls are painted in bright colours throughout the hospital. The design approach enhances the healing process.

The postnatal ward.

Reception desk in the labour ward.

A wall in the paediatric ward is covered in artwork.

Reception desk in the paediatric ward.

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