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Maritime in South Africa

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International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) World Maritime Day was commemorated on 24 September 2015. This year's event focused on maritime education and training particularly its adequacy and quality.

The Department of Transport celebrated World Maritime Day 2015 in Richard's Bay, Kwazulu Natal on Wednesday, 23 September 2015. School children from previously disadvantaged communities displayed their knowledge of the maritime sector through educational displays and exhibitions at the event.

The IMO held its main event at its headquarters in London. 

Government's Role in Maritime

In partnership with its public entities, the National Department of Transport’s (DOT) Maritime Service ensures that the policies and legislative framework promote the economic growth of the maritime industry and create jobs.

Maritime public entities include:

Read more about DOT’s Maritime Service.

Maritime Careers

Maritime careers include both above-the-deck and below-the-deck fields:

  • Captain.
  • Navigating officers.
  • Engineering officers.
  • Catering staff.
  • Marine and Ship Engineers.
  • Crewmember.
  • Deck officers.
  • Maritime Law.
  • Tug Masters.
  • Marine Pilots.
  • Harbour Masters.
  • Ship surveyors.
  • Maritime Environmentalist (Sea Pollution).


Maritime in the Economy

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The maritime sector generates billions of Rands in earnings each year.

When addressing guests gathered at the World Maritime Day celebrations in Saldanha Bay in 2014, Dipuo Peters, National Minister of Transport said that 85% of South Africa’s trade comes or goes by sea.

“As highlighted by Operation Phakisa there is ample potential for further growth in the maritime or rather the oceans economy,” said Minister Peters.

  • Read Minister Peters' World Maritime Day 2014 speech.

Operation Phakisa's first phase focuses on unlocking the economic potential of South Africa's oceans which includes:

  • Marine Transport and Manufacturing.
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration.
  • The Aquaculture work stream.
  • Marine Protection Services and Ocean.

Read more on the first phase of Operation Phakisa on the Department of Environmental Affairs' website.

Watch: IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu speaks about World Maritime Day 2015:

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