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Let’s Make Health Care Better Together

(Western Cape Government)
The Western Cape Government Health wants to improve your patient experience when accessing public health care and ensure you get the right treatment at the correct level of care. 
WCG Health triage, referrals and appointment system
It’s important to remember that not all emergencies are equally urgent.
When arriving at a health care centre, you will be assessed by a healthcarer and given a colour corresponding to how severe your condition is. 
Green - You will be seen when a healthcarer is available. 
Yellow - You will be seen as soon as possible.
Orange - Urgently.
Red - You must be seen immediately.
General Access to Healthcare 
To minimise long waiting times, all patients are encouraged to always have their green barcoded ID when visiting their nearest clinic.    
By following this system, you will receive the right treatment at the right level of care.
  • Always go to your local clinic first to have your required level of care and treatment determined by medical staff.
  • Always take your green barcoded ID with you. 
Appointment System
If you need follow-up care, an appointment will be made for the necessary treatment at the right level by your clinic.
  • To avoid long waiting time, always try to be on time for your appointment. 
  • Always take your ID book with you.
  • Once at your clinic, your condition will be assessed and treatment will be determined, which may require a referral. Be sure to always have you ID book with you when visiting the clinic. 
Triage (Emergency Room Care)
  • More urgent and life-threatening cases will receive medical care first.
    Patients are reminded to always have their ID book with them. 

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