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Learn about access to funding for SMMEs

Access to Funding for SMMEs

Are you an SMME trying to understand the funding landscape a bit more? We offer the following short video clips around Accessing Finance with some of our partners in the eco system. Here, they share some key information from a recent webinar for you to know, when applying for funding to their respective organisations

Chapter 1 - Funding Institutions

Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA) Presentation by Shawn Charlie (SEFA’s Regional Manager)

Shawn Charlie provides an overview of the Department of Small Business Development’s portfolio, SEFA’s funding channels with the lending focus, eligibility criteria and exclusions for the various channels, a funding template, the Amavulandlela Funding Scheme, and the Township and Rural Entrepreneurship Programme (TREP).

Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) Presentation by Ganief Bardien (IDC Regional Manager)

Ganief Bardien provides insight into the IDC’s investment philosophy, performance Impact figures, the structure of the IDC and its core aim to serve manufacturing industries, information on services offered by the IDC, concessionary development funds managed by the IDC, and the IDC’s credit assessment process.

National Empowerment Fund (NEF) Presentation by Bongumusa Biyela  (NEF Regional Manager)

Bongumusa Biyela shares insight into the background of the NEF, the NEF’s 5 specialist funds across the economic spectrum,  the NEF’s funding criteria, Non-financial support offered by the NEF, the NEF’s performance milestones as well as other special funds

Chapter 2 - Start-up Funding

This video covers start-up funding vs. expansion funding for SMMEs, the difference between the two, and the challenges related to the two types of funding.

Chapter 3 - Grants 

This video covers grants and subsidized loans available.

Chapter 4 - Hurdles 

The funding agencies highlight common hurdles that small businesses should avoid when making funding applications and the importance of avoiding these hurdles.

Chapter 5 - FAQ

Chapter 6 - Summary 

Final remarks from the panelists, including a summary of final remarks.


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