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Late school admissions

Late Admissions

As the 2020 school year starts, there are still some parents looking for places at schools in the Western Cape. Officials of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) will work closely with schools when they reopen on Monday, 13 January 2020 to assist parents still looking for places for their children in school.

The promotion, progression, and transfers in and out of schools have been concluded during the final weeks of the 2019 school year and this should help the department to identify available places for your child. 

Parents are however asked to be patient as all  of the Western Cape schools are full and popular schools have long waiting lists. Learner enrolment in the Western Cape has increased by an average of 18 248 every year since 2012. This does make it difficult to find accommodation and place all learners, particularly at the start of the year.

In terms of the South African School’s Act, schools have to wait until the 10th school day before they can de-register learners whose parents have not informed the school that they will not be returning to school before they can give away any places that may have opened. So parents will need to keep this in mind as WCED officials try and place all learners as soon as possible.

In some cases, parents apply to only 3 or 4 top schools in the province or the area and they then exclude themselves from very good alternatives because they did not consider other options. Parents are encouraged to apply to a wide range of schools.

The WCED will do the following to help you find a place for your child:

  • Work from the list of unplaced learners on the system to see who still needs a place.
  • Identify which schools still have available places and advise parents of these options.
  • Identify where additional classes can be opened in 2020.
  • Will contact you once places are identified and they will advise you on the options that become available.

Parents in the Western Cape and other provinces, who want to change schools, but have not managed to secure places in new schools are encouraged to keep their children in their current schools.

Can I still register my child?

If you haven’t registered your child for the 2020 academic year, or are still waiting to be placed, you can contact the relevant District Office. If you’re unsure about which district to approach, contact the Call Centre on 0861 923 322.

Here’s what you can do if your child has not been placed in a school:

  • Contact the schools where you applied to make sure they know that you still need a place.
  • Ask the school to re-consider and ask that the learner be placed on the waiting list.
  • Contact other schools in your area as places could become available.
  • Contact the district office to make sure that the learner is on the list of unplaced learners.

You can also contact the following officials who are responsible for managing school admissions.

Cape Winelands
John Goliath
Tel: 023 348 6000 | 023 348 4581

Eden & Central Karoo
Jewel Jonkers
Tel: 044 803 8317 | 044 803 8300

Metro Central
Brenda Robertson
Tel: 021 514 6700 | 021 514 6708 | 021 514 6793

Metro East
Eric Magodla
Tel: 021 900 7203 | 021 900 7206

Metro North
Wayne Abrahams | Leon Rutgers
Tel: 021 938 3006 | 021 938 3004

Metro South
Lynn Primo
Tel: 021 370 2000 | 021 370 2035

Japie Bailey
Tel: 028 214 7300 | 028 214 7379

West Coast
Anlerie Truter
Tel: 021 860 1200 | 021 860 1206

Head Office
Lance Abrahams
Tel: 021 467 2000

For more information on late admissions and the admission process, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions - Learner Enrolments.

Track your application

The Western Cape Education Department introduced a new online function to assist parents with tracking their school applications.

If you still haven’t received a response from the school where you applied, visit the WCED School Admissions website  or send an e-mail to:

The content on this page was last updated on 13 January 2020