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Invitation for nominations to fill vacancies on the Western Cape Liquor Board

(Western Cape Government)


The Western Cape Liquor Authority (“WCLA”) is established by section 2 of the Western Cape Liquor Act, 2008 (Act 4 of 2008) (“the Act”). There are currently two vacancies on the governing board (“the Board”) of the WCLA for persons who meet the requirements set out below. Interested persons are invited to nominate candidates who in their opinion are suitable to be appointed as members of the Board. A similar invitation for nominations was published under Provincial Notice 55/2020 of 24 July 2020.

The responsibilities of a member include attending and participating in meetings of the Board and any other functions as provided for in the Act and other appropriate legislation.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  1. be at least 25 years of age;
  2. be a South African citizen and permanently resident in the Western Cape;
  3. not be disqualified in terms of section 5 of the Act;
  4. have appropriate knowledge of or experience in—
  1. systems and processes for ensuring proper accountability, probity and openness in the conduct of the business of an organisation; or
  2. dealing with the combating of the negative social consequences of the abuse of liquor.

All nominations must set out the reasons the nominee considers himself or herself suitable for appointment as a member of the Board and must be accompanied by the most recent curriculum vitae of the nominee.

All nominations must be submitted in writing in the form of Form 1 in Annexure 3 of the Western Cape Liquor Regulations, 2011, along with the curriculum vitae of the nominee. Nomination forms may be obtained upon request from Adv. JC Gerber SC at or from the website   

Appointments will be made with race and gender sensitivity. Members of the Board are appointed on a part-time basis for a period as determined by the Provincial Minister that may not exceed four years.

All nominations must be submitted on or before 12:00 on 31 August 2020 by—

            a. posting it to:

Adv. JC Gerber SC

PO Box 5346

Cape Town 8000;

            b. e-mailing it to:

(Mark the subject box clearly as: WCLA NOMINATION FORM);

            c. faxing it to:

086 531 4283; or

            d. delivering it to:

Acting Head of the Department of Community Safety

Main Reception

Ground Floor

35 Wale Street

Cape Town.

Enquiries can be made with Adv. JC Gerber SC:

Tel: 084 814 4961; or


All nominations will be treated as strictly confidential.

Click here to download the Provincial Gazette: 8276- Invitation for nominations to fill vacancies on the WC Liquor Board

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