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Introducing the WCG Mobile eCentre: Bringing digital access to deep rural areas

To bridge the digital divide and extend vital services to underserved communities, the Western Cape Government (WCG) has launched its latest addition to the eCentre Programme: the WCG Mobile eCentre. Essentially an "eCentre on wheels," this ground-breaking project intends to reach the most remote regions of the Western Cape Province, focusing on deep rural areas where access to digital services and technology is still limited.

The eCentre Programme, formerly Cape Access, has long been a cornerstone in the Department of the Premier's efforts to help with access to information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. With 74 eCentres already established across priority themes such as Jobs, Safety, and Well-being, the programme has significantly impacted education, skills development, employment, and socio-economic development in communities throughout the province.

Recognising the persistent need for digital access in remote areas, the WCG embarked on the mission to introduce a mobile unit to complement its existing brick-and-mortar facilities. The Mobile eCentre, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by trained professionals, extends the programme's reach to areas previously inaccessible by traditional means.

The Mobile eCentre boasts an array of features and services tailored to meet the needs of citizens in remote locations:

  • Free Internet Access: Providing connectivity for research, education, job searching, and communication.
  • Computer Training and Support: Empowering individuals with digital literacy skills through hands-on training and assistance.
  • Printing, Scanning, and Email: Offering practical services for document management and communication needs.
  • Access to Social Media: Facilitating connections and participation in online communities.
  • Citizen Assistance: Trained staff are on hand to help with tasks such as drafting CVs, navigating the web, and creating email addresses, ensuring that users make the most of the available resources.

The features of the Mobile eCentre include:

  • 10 workstations, ensuring ample space for citizens to access devices and services.
  • A staff station, manned by 2 dedicated professionals to help users and facilitate operations.
  • Connectivity options include satellite, cellular networks (Vodacom and MTN), and Wi-Fi, ensuring reliable internet access even in remote areas.
  • For enhanced functionality and user experience, a server, a printer, and a widescreen smart TV.
  • Accessibility features for people with disabilities, including a side flap and canopy for additional workstations and shelter.

The launch of the Mobile eCentre marks a significant milestone in the WCG's commitment to digital inclusion and service delivery. 

The inaugural run of the Mobile eCentre saw enthusiastic participation from residents, with services ranging from CV assistance to internet access drawing a crowd eager to use the facility. The WCG reaffirmed its dedication to serving communities and encouraged citizens to take full advantage of the available resources.

As the WCG continues to expand its eCentre Programme, the Mobile eCentre stands as a symbol of progress and inclusivity. With plans to further enhance its services and reach, the WCG remains committed to empowering citizens through digital access and education.

The WCG Mobile eCentre represents a significant step towards bridging the digital divide and empowering communities across the Western Cape Province. The Mobile eCenter will have a lasting impact on education, employment and socio-economic development in the Western Cape by delivering essential information and communication technology services right at the doorstep of underserved areas.

The content on this page was last updated on 14 May 2024