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International Day of Peace 2015

The idea of world peace may sound unachievable but is it really as impossible as it sounds?  We take a look at how everyone can play a part in building a peaceful world together starting in our own country in recognition of International Day of Peace. The day will be celebrated on Monday, 21 September under the theme “Partnerships for Peace, Dignity for All".Holding Hands for Peace

International Day of Peace

The United Nations declared 21 September as International Day of Peace in 1981.
The day is dedicated to the pursuit of global peace, and aimed at identifying and promoting the aspects we have in common, instead of those which make us different. 

South Africa is the ultimate example of choosing peaceful resolutions instead of conflict. We achieved this through leaders such as Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk who saw that South Africa’s future depended on everyone building the country together.  
What you can do to play your part for peace

Play your part for peace by:

  • donating clothing, food items and bedding like blankets and pillows to shelters and NGO’s such as Salvation Army and YMCA, or 
  • having a fundraiser for a charity in order to help sustain the wellbeing of the people living there. 

Go the extra mile for peace

Get your running shoes ready and play your part for peace by taking part in the 8th Annual Sanlam Cape Town Marathon from Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 September 2015 at the Green Point Track on Saturday and Somerset Road in Green Point on Sunday.

Run for peace in the 10km Peace Run or if you are brave enough, why not take on the big one, the 42.2 km Cape Town Marathon. 

Experience the sights, sound and beauty of Cape Town while keeping your body fit, healthy and active at the same time. Unfortunately entries are slowly but surely coming to an end so enter now and join the rest of the world in running a wonderful race.

You can still enter for the 10km Peace Run and the 4.2km Peace Fun Run as entries for these events close at 2pm on Saturday, 19 September 2015 but if you were looking to enter for the 42.2km marathon, the 11km and the 22km Peace Trail, you won’t be able to as entries are officially closed.

A voice for peacePeople around the world

Former South African president FW De Klerk wanted to make the world aware of what it would mean if there was peace in the world. He conveyed this message when he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway on 10 December 1993.

“Peace does not simply mean the absence of conflict.  Throughout history, there has been an absence of conflict in many repressive societies. This lack of conflict does not have its roots in harmony, goodwill or the consent of the parties involved - but often in fear, ignorance and powerlessness.  There can thus be no real peace without justice, consultation or consent”.

Read the full International Peace Day Speech delivered by FW De Klerk.

You can find out more about International Day of Peace

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