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Fire Prevention Materials

The Department employs a partnership-based approach working with other spheres of government, sister departments, NGOs, tertiary institutions and other relevant stakeholders on various interventions to mitigate (prevent) fire risks, respond to fires and assist victims of fires within informal settlements. 

The Department, in collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch’s Fire Engineering Research Unit (FireSUN), has developed a fire safety report and guideline (2021), and train-the-trainer fire safety materials (including a seven-part video series, brochures, and posters) to improve fire safety in informal settlements, including fire safety interventions for backyarders. 

Fire Safety Guideline:

Fire Safety Engineering Guideline for Informal Settlements: Towards Practical Solutions for a Complex Problem in South Africa (2020)

Fire Safety Brochures:




Fire Safety Poster:


Fire Safety Videos:

  1. Informal settlement and backyard fires: 'Our burning nation'
  2. Understanding fire science: A spark becomes a disaster
  3. Community engagement: How should we partner and engage with communities to improve fire safety? 
  4. Fighting informal settlement and backyard fires - From alarms to fire trucks 
  5. Backyard dwellings and fire safety    
  6. Making informal settlement homes more fire resistant    
  7. Moving forward: To safer informal settlement and backyard communities 


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