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BEE Procurement Opportunities within KHULA


Tenders are advertised using a variety of local news papers to invite relevant tenders. It is confirmed that suppliers are participating in BEE by using a questionnaire for them to complete.

Tenders are advertised as below:

  • Less than R10 000 "quotation" directly requested from the Service Provider
  • Amount between R10 000 - R300 000 3 quotation are obtained from service providers
  • Amount between R300 000 - R500 000 a close tender are issued by obtaining quotations from service providers
  • Amounts between R500 000 and above - a formal open tender process to follow.

Tenders are advertised in all the local news papers



For more information contact:

Susan Pretorius
Tel: 012 394 5938

The content on this page was last updated on 15 March 2014