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BEE Procurement Opportunities within


CASIDRA has a mandate to promote agricultural and economic development within a rural and land reform context. The procurement is mostly for agricultural production inputs and infrastructure like sheds, pig sties and irrigation. Most tenders is for amounts less than R100 000 and we strive to use upcoming BEE contractors that resides in the areas where the development will take place. Tenders are advertised in the immediate area on the municipal tender boards as well as by invitation from our database.

Services within Municipality that promote BEE

Social investment is the area in which South African companies can truly make a difference to the less advantaged communities. It is about building trust and relationships among the communities you work with.

At Casidra we take this responsibility very seriously not only on an organization level but also on an individual (employee) level. The nature of work Casidra does amongst the communities is primarily about social upliftment.

Non-core work:
All these are contributed to the needy communities.

  • Collection and distribution of computers
  • Collection and distribution of library books
  • Collection and distribution of needlework materials
  • Support to learnerships, volunteerism and training
  • HIV/AIDS support initiative

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