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Supplier awareness sessions - Internet Based Electronic Procurement

PetroSA (The Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa Pty Ltd) is the national oil company of the Republic of South Africa. The company owns, operates and manages the government's assets in the petroleum industry.

PetroSA boasts high quality products manufactured from one of only two, and the world's largest refinery using the Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) technology. As pioneer of this technology, they believe in its future commercial potential.

In order to improve efficiency in our procurement processes, PetroSA will launch an internet based e-Procurement system to facilitate the procurement of goods and services for all its operations and projects. This initiative will save cost for both Suppliers and PetroSA. We hereby invite interested parties wishing to be registered for the provision of services and goods to PetroSA, to register electronically on-line, at

Kindly note that once this system is in operation Suppliers not registered on this system will not be able to partake in any business opportunities at PetroSA.

Open tenders can be accessed on Petro SA website.

Procurement team Contact Information:

Ms Latiefa Rinquest
Tel: 021 929 3478

Ms Ntombekhaya Lorna Martins
Tel: 021 929 3661

Ms Lonaphelo Kona
Tel: 021 929 3649

Electronic procurement (eProcurement) solution within PetroSA

PetroSA's Group Supply Chain Management Department together with its implementation partner, Intenda, has commenced with the implementation of an electronic procurement (eProcurement) solution within PetroSA.

What is eProcurement?

eProcurement is simply the business-to-business purchase and sale of supplies and services using the Internet. eProcurement is to Procurement what eMail is to Mail. eProcurement and eMail share the following benefits:

  • Automation and simplification
  • Reduced cycle times leading to increased productivity
  • Improved tracking and transparency


What Does This Mean to Suppliers?

eProcurement provides suppliers of all sizes access to opportunities at PetroSA and the ability to receive standardized electronic orders, manage complex bidding opportunities, and migrate customer service functions online, thereby reducing the overall cost of sales. eProcurement reduces much of the manual work associated with offline processes and paper-based orders, freeing sales representatives to spend more time building valuable relationships with their customers.

Can I still have contact with PetroSA Procurement Department?

Yes, it is essential that your relationship with us remains intact, and with the improved processes from eProcurement, you should have more time to work directly with PetroSA buyers, to review product information and demonstrate new services.


What technical infrastructure do suppliers need in order to participate in eProcurement?

To participate in eProcurement, suppliers will need to have access to the Internet.

Will suppliers be charged for participating?

There is no initial set-up or ongoing subscription fee charged to suppliers.

What Next for Suppliers?

Suppliers will be notified via this website about the following:

  • Registration/updating of registration details via the website in order to use the eProcurement system.
  • Attend Supplier awareness sessions
  • Attend Supplier training sessions
  • Download of applicable software
  • Supplier can now facilitate their own registration onto PetroSA's Supplier Database. Click on the Registration Menu link and find out how.

Electronic Response System (eRS)

eRS is an software application for use by the supplier community, which facilitates offline mode electronic tender response capturing. On completion of the electronic tender response, the supplier can submit his full response (including electronic file attachments) either via the internet or via email (when the system is experiencing technical difficulties). One of our unique features is that the solution does not assume 'e-connectivity' from a supplier.

Benefit to using eRS

  • More structured tenders / contract amendments making it more understandable
  • Quicker turnaround time in responding to tenders / contract amendments
  • Historic, electronic data of previous tenders and / or contract amendments
  • Less time and manpower required to respond to tenders / contract amendments
  • Useful filtering mechanisms to remove items not being tendered on
  • All documentation attached in a single location, minimising risk of document misplacement
  • Supplier is allowed to respond, or re-submit responses as often as is necessary until the closing date and time of the tender / contract amendment
  • Various mechanisms to submit responses, lowering risk of loss of information
  • Warning signals if vital information has not been entered, making sure that critical information required by the buying organisation is not overlooked


View eRS flow diagram.

The content on this page was last updated on 15 March 2014