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How to Apply for a Personalised Number Plate

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)

If you are considering getting a personalised number plate for your motor vehicle, find out what you need to know by following these easy steps: 


1. Check if licence number is available. 2.Check the fees. Rands
4.If your application is approved you will be issued with a letter of approval. 3.Complete and submit SLN1 Application Form.
5.You will be issued with an allocation letter and an order letter for the manufacturer after payment. 6.Register your vehicle at the motor vehicle registering authority.
      7.The special number plates are then made at an authorised outlet.


1.Check if licence number is available. Call 021 483 5995 or email (Back to top)

Personalised Licence Number Fee Example
1 x alpha or numeric character R10 000.00 1 - WP
B - WP
2 x alpha and/or numeric characters R6 000.00 11 - WP
1A - WP
3 x alpha and/or numeric characters R4 000.00 111 - WP
All others, up to a maximum of seven alpha and/or numeric characters R1 750.00 JOHNNY2 - WP
3 x digits and letters R10 000.00 CA 1
4 x digits and letters R6 000.00 CA 11
6 x digits and letters R2 000.00 CA 1111
CAW 111
All others R600.00 CA 123-456
CAW 12345
Registration fee: R69.00 for personalised and three to six digit discrete numbers. (Back to top)


3.To apply for a special number plate, you need to complete and return application form SLN1, with a copy of your RSA ID. 

Business applicants should provide:

  • A Traffic Register Number Certificate (issued by a motor vehicle registering authority).
  • Or a Business Registration Certificate (issued by the registrar of companies).
  • A copy of the proxy or representative's RSA ID.

Application forms can be posted, delivered, faxed or e-mailed to the Licence Numbers section at:
Post: Department of Transport and Public Works, PO Box 2603, Cape Town, 8000
Physical: Walk-in Centre, c/o Dorp and Loop Street, Cape Town, 8000
Fax: 021 483 7332 or 021 483 2027
E-mail: (Back to top)

4. Faxed applications are responded to within 24 hours. If approved, you will be issued with:
  • A letter of approval indicating the amount due and payment arrangements for your new number plate. (Back to top)
5. Once the proof of payment is submitted and processed, you will be issued with:
  • An allocation letter.
  • An order letter for the licence plate manufacturer to enable them to manufacture the number plates. (Back to top)
6. You need to register the vehicle at a motor vehicle registering authority. The licensing letter and PLN2 certificate enables you to license your vehicle using the special vehicle licence number. (Back to top)

7. The special number plates are made at the following authorised outlet. You can choose to have the number plates delivered to the registering authority closest to you, as listed on the application form or collect them at the manufacturer.

Uniplate Group Pty Ltd
No. 10 14th Avenue

Tel: 021 593 5066
Fax: 021 593 6077
Contact Person: Ridha Abrahams

To keep or transfer a specialised licence number, you can send an application form to the licence number section. Applications should be accompanied by an RSA ID and a Traffic Register Number Certificate or a Business Registration Certificate, as appropriate.

Special conditions apply to the use of special number plates.

For more information call 0860 212 414 or e-mail

Twitter: @WCGovTPW

You can also call the Western Cape Government contact centre at 0860 142 142. (Back to top)

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