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Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) Report

(Western Cape Government)

Urban Design Services cc has been authorised by the Western Cape Government Department of Transport and Public Works to prepare and submit an HIA for the proposed re-development of the former Conradie Hospital site.

This HIA (Draft for Comment) is confined to the potential impact of the proposed development on heritage resources within the site and immediate environs. A separate heritage scoping assessment is being conducted for the proposed Odin-Aerodrome Road link that will be required to meet the transportation needs of the full development. The HIA (Draft for Comment) will be finalized following a round of public comment. Comments received will be incorporated into a final HIA report to be submitted to HWC (Heritage Western Cape).

The Conradie Hospital was formally opened in 1938 as an institution for adults suffering from various chronic diseases. The main section of the hospital was closed in 2006, and the site has been dormant since. Following the closure of the facility most of the vacant buildings were vandalised and subsequently demolished. Remaining heritage resources include the old Hall, Nursing Administration building, porter’s lodge and entrance gateways. Other heritage resources include the remaining plantings of mature trees and remnants of the former internal road layout. North and east of the site are the Jewish (Pinelands 1 and 2) and Maitland Cemeteries.

The preferred design option provides a phased development that will accommodate in excess of 3600 residential units, commercial development and supporting infrastructure and amenities (schools, a clinic, community halls, green spaces and canal realignment). Potential Impacts pertaining to the scale, height and massing of new buildings relative to the heritage buildings in the Gateway Precinct were assessed and mitigated.

A visual impact assessment was undertaken by OVP Associates. Apart from the existing heritage resources on the site and the adjoining Jewish Cemeteries, there are no other heritage resources in the vicinity that could be impacted by the proposed development. The significance of visual impacts on the Jewish cemetery adjoining the site were assessed in the VIA as being of medium impact. However this will not detract from the heritagesignificance of the cemetery as such.

The objective of the HIA (Draft for Comment) report is to fulfil the requirements of HWC (Heritage Western Cape) as outlined in their Response to the NID (Notification of Intent to Develop) issued on the 25-01-2016, and Section 38(3) of the NHRA (National Heritage Resources Act No. 25 of 1999. The HIA fulfils these requirements apart from Section 38(3) (e):

“the results of consultation with communities affected by the proposed development and other interested parties regarding the impact of the development on heritage resources”,

which is the purpose of this report.

The draft recommendations are that Heritage Western Cape issues a ROD (Record of Decision) to endorse the HIA and allow the development to proceed subject to certain conditions.


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