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Green Public Works Buildings

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)

The Department of Transport and Public Works hosted its second conference on sustainable design on 31 October 2014 in Newlands. Professionals and senior management from various organisations discussed topics such as Energy Consumption in Public Healthcare Facilities and Sustainable Healthcare Facility Design.

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Green Buildings

A green or eco-friendly building incorporates design or constructional elements which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.

New requirements in the latest National Building Regulations include improved design efficiencies and materials used for public facilities. While national government provides incentives to reduce the use of electricity, the prices of many green devices and materials are consistently coming down as technologies improve and demand grows.

Read more about green buildings in the Green is Smart: Western Cape Green Economy Strategy Framework.

Green Design

The Department of Transport and Public Works incorporates energy saving and environmentally friendly elements into its buildings.

Khayelitsha Hospital

Khayelitsha Hospital

  • Extensive passive design interventions to reduce reliance on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation.
  • A renewable energy system comprising a 25 kWP solar PV system and a 2 kW wind turbine.
  • The use of low energy artificial lighting - LED, CFLs etc.
  • Use of heat pumps and positioning of mechanical plant at main kitchen for energy optimisation.
  • The use of clean water from autoclaves for re-use in toilets and water features.
  • The minimum use of volatile organic compounds products including adhesives, solvent based finishes and paints.

Video: Dr Anwar Kharwa, CEO: Khayelitsha Hospital and Mark Peters, Facilities Manager describe the state-of-the-art Khayelitsha Hospital as the best in Africa.

Hermanus Hospital Upgrade

Hermanus Hospital

  • The courtyards and skylights are in the deeper plan areas to increase the use of natural light.
  • Trees are planted in the parking area to eventually provide shade while the physiotherapy exercise section is in a landscaped area not enclosed by walls.

Mitchells Plain Hospital

Mitchells Plain Hospital

  • Time switches and movement and daylight sensors were incorporated to avoid unnecessary burning of lights.

Khayelitsha Shared Services Centre

The department is seeking a five star green star building rating for the Khayelitsha Shared Services Centre from the Green Building Council of SA recognising and rewarding South African excellence in environmental leadership in the property industry.

Khayelisha Shared Services

Read more on Green Star SA ratings on the Green Building Council of SA's website.

Green Schools

The department’s Programme/Projects Infrastructure Delivery: Education Directorate reduces embodied energy (energy content in making the materials) and contributes to long term energy efficiency by incorporating eco-friendly elements in its school buildings .

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