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Green Procurement Guidelines For State-Subsidised Housing In The Western Cape

(Western Cape Government)

WORKSHOP INVITATION: Green Procurement Guidelines For State-Subsidised Housing In The Western Cape

The Western Cape Department of Human Settlements would like to invite the Manager of Human Settlements, the Municipal Director of Engineering Services and the Head of Supply Chain Management to a workshop to engage with the Green Procurement Guidelines for State-Subsidised Housing in the Western Cape.

This is an important area of focus and it aligns to the Provincial Strategic Goals 4 & 5 and the Department of Human Settlements Strategic Plan to improve the environmental impact of housing projects for sustainable livelihoods for all beneficiaries.

MCA Planners, on behalf of the Department of Human Settlements developed the Green Procurement Guidelines, and will be hosting municipal green procurement workshops in each district municipality during October and November 2016. These workshops will be 6 hours each with lunch and refreshments provided.

The workshops will offer a valuable opportunity to learn about green procurement and will engage on the following topics:

  • What is green procurement in state-subsidised housing?
  • Can green procurement improve the environmental impact of state-subsidised housing?
  • Can green procurement offer value-for-money?
  • The principles of green procurement.
  • An introduction to life cycle costing.
  • An introduction to the tools available for the implementation of green procurement.
  • How to make greener choices in the provision of state-subsidised housing and who makes these choices.
  • How to practice green procurement in your municipality through policy and tendering processes.
  • A Community of Practice and Learning Network for ongoing support in the implementation of green procurement.

These workshops should be attended by the Human Settlements Manager, the Municipal Director for Engineering Services and a senior representative from the Department of Supply Chain Management. It is preferable to identify officials who have an interest in learning about green procurement and are willing to act as champions for its implementation going forward.

Due to logistrical and budgetary constraints Municipalities are kindly requested to limit the number of officials per municipality to a maximum of four.

The time of these workshops will be from 09:00 – 15:00.

Dates and venues for these workshops are:


District (s) and place


27 October 2016

The Eden and Central Karoo Districts in Oudtshoorn

69 Voortrekker Road, Old Council Chambers, Oudtshoorn


01 November 2016

The Cape Winelands District in Worcester

Committee Room Nr 1, 51 Trappes Street, Worcester

08 November 2016

Overberg District Municipality, Bredasdorp

Council Chambers, 26 Long Street, Bredasdorp

17 November 2016

West Coast District Municipality, Moorreesburg

Council Chambers, 58 Long Street, Moorreesburg

03 November 2016

Provincial Government and City of Cape Town

Cape Gateway Conference Room, 9 Dorp Street, Cape Town.

Offices of the Provincial Department of Transport and Public Works


We look forward to seeing you there and engaging with you further on this exciting initiative.

Please RSVP by email to Carmen West, by 21 October 2016, at, indicating which workshop you will be attending.

Please try to attend workshops in your district.

For further information regarding the workshops, please contact:
Mr Eugene Visagie
Tel: 021 483 5247

Green Procurement in State-Subsidised Human Settlements

The content on this page was last updated on 22 June 2017