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Govan Mbeki Awards (GMA)

(Western Cape Government)

The Govan Mbeki Awards (GMA) 

Established in 2008, the Govan Mbeki Awards is an annual event which aims to recognise outstanding performance in the delivery of human settlement projects. It also aims to encourage a culture of excellence within the human settlements sector. Winners of the Provincial Awards go on to compete with other provinces in the National Govan Mbeki Awards each year. 

How projects are chosen for awards? 

The National Department of Human Settlements outlines categories and criteria for human settlements projects on an annual basis. Municipalities and/or developers then enter their projects and compete in selected categories against the set criteria outlined by the National Department. Following a rigorous assessment and adjudication process, the Department selects the winners which are announced at the awards ceremony each year. Provincial winners then go on to compete against other provinces in the National GMA awards. 

Successes of the Department 

Western Cape human settlements projects have, over the years, proved to be of a high quality and standard, sweeping many accolades at the National awards. During the 2017 awards, the Department won the Best Performing Province of the Year.  

Through collective efforts and the hard work of many stakeholders, the Department continues to deliver outstanding human settlement projects for the people of the Western Cape. The annual GMA ceremony duly recognises and awards stakeholders for their contribution to this delivery. 

The content on this page was last updated on 7 September 2018