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The Goedgedacht WCG eCentre is committed to changing lives

The Goedgedacht WCG eCentre is located on the Goedgedacht Farm in Malmesbury, part of the Swartland Municipality. Malmesbury was established as a settlement in 1743 in the Diep River Valley. In 1827, the town was officially proclaimed and was named after the governor of the Cape, Sir Lowry Cole’s father-in-law, the first Earl of Malmesbury.

The farm lacks access to the internet and computers, and most of the farming residents lack the computer skills required for modern jobs.

The Goedgedacht WCG eCentre is the sole facility in the area that provides students, pupils, and residents a place to conduct online research, prepare CVs, and apply for jobs online. The eCentre plays a crucial role in serving the farm community by providing computer skills.

The Western Cape Government's eCentre programme offers information and communication technology (ICT) freely to communities in the province, with a focus on rural areas where access is most needed.

The Western Cape Government is committed to opening doors for better self-development, education, employment, and business opportunities, fostering socio-economic development in all communities within the Western Cape. The Goedgedacht WCG eCentre opened in 2017 and currently offers the following services:

  • Free Internet access
  • Email access and assistance to create emails
  • Online job searches and applications
  • Online university applications
  • Free printing of maximum 10 pages per day

The eCentre also provides accredited e-skills training, including e-Learner Course and International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Course, to provide basic computer skills to citizens who lack experience in using computers.

The course covers fundamental computer information, files and folders, an introduction to Word, spreadsheets, presentations, and ICT communication. Since its establishment, the eCentre has significantly improved lives in the community.

One success story is Riaan Shimon Macelli, who's life changed in 2017 when he applied for the development manager position at the eCentre. He shared, "I started at the Goedgedacht eCentre in August 2017. While working there, I had the opportunity to pursue a short course in computers. I completed the ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) and the TTT (Train the Trainer) Course.”

After completing the course, Riaan began teaching others in the community, "I had the privilege to serve the community by teaching them the basics of computers. I started math classes for primary school children, and some of my students completed the e-learner and ICDL program. Teaching computer basics during ECD was the highlight of my working days.”

Since then, Riaan decided to further his studies. When his contract with the eCentre ended, he began working as a teaching assistant at a local primary school. "The WCG eCentre programme gave me the great opportunity to do what I love - teaching computers. I still love what I’m doing."

Contact the eCentre

Tel: 073 892 8677

Goedgedacht Farm,
Riebeecks Rivier,

Operating hours:
Monday – Thursday: 08:00 - 17:00
Friday: 08:00 - 16:00

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