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Getting Ready for the 2012 School Year!

(Western Cape Government)
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Schools in the Western Cape re-open on 11 January for the 2012 academic year. School attendance is compulsory from the age of seven years.

Enrolment at Schools
All children are required to attend school from the year in which they turn seven up until they reach Grade 9. Grades R - 9 form the General Education and Training phase. Find out more about what is needed for admission to public schools.

Applications for school enrolment for the 2012 academic year closed on 30 September 2011. Parents were encouraged by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) during 2011 to make the necessary applications for their children.

You can find out which public schools are in your area by using the WCED's Find-a-School search facility.

School Fees
Each school's governing body, together with the parents, determines the school's school fees. Parents are required to pay school fees and must apply for exemption or partial exemption if they cannot pay the fees in full.

Details on fees and exemptions can be obtained from schools. You can also read more about the general rules for school fee exemptions.

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