Fire Brigade Services

(Western Cape Government)
What we do
We support and co-ordinate Fire Brigade Services in the Western Cape in achieving their objectives of protecting life, property and the environment from fires and other emergencies. We administer the Fire Brigade Services Act and associated legislation on behalf of the Western Cape Government.
Our mission  
It is the mission of the Western Cape Fire Brigade Services to support municipal Fire Brigade Services in protecting life, property and the environment in the Western Cape from all harmful consequences of fire. 
We support and monitor activities with the following aims:
  • Prevention Reduce local risk through prevention and awareness.
  • Protection Improve local planning and preparedness.
  • Response Improve the fire and rescue services capability to respond to all hazards. 
  • Professional Status Improve the Fire Brigade Services' professional status.
Public Information Education and Relations Working Group
Veld Fires
Incident Command System


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