GOLD PEER EDUCATION PROGRAMME: Western Cape Department of Education and Department of Health (Western Cape)

(Western Cape Government)
The Gold Peer Education Trust Project is in the second year of its three-year business plan. The aim of this project is to deliver services to the following customers:

Primary customers are youth (12-24 years). Core service to these customers is Peer Education. This project has just completed its first year business plan. Consequently some of the activities required to fulfil the Batho Pele principles are still under development or in the early stages of implementation.

Secondary customers are the young peer educators. They receive training and support to enable them to render the following services to their peers: (i) role-modelling, (ii) teaching (in and outside the classroom), (iii) listening and referral (basic counselling), and (iv) advocacy, activism and community project management.

Through high levels of involvement by stakeholders, schools and school governing bodies, the Gold Peer Education Trust Project seeks to fundamentally upgrade living conditions and human development potential across secondary schools in the Western Cape by:

  • positively influencing as many young people as possible in order that they might be better informed and supported;
  • maintaining healthy lifestyle choices;
  • purposefully contributing to a reduction of HIV/AIDS prevalence levels (especially amongst the 15-24 year age group);
  • cascading information about a Better Home for All;
  • reducing the number of new HIV infections among youth (in school, but also old age category); and
  • mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals, families and communities, thereby contributing constructively to the future of South Africa
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