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FAQs: Expression of Interest (EOI)

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)

The Department of Transport and Public Works answers the most frequently asked questions about the Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

Why is the Western Cape Government (WCG) embarking on the Expression of Interest (EOI) process?

WCG has embarked on an EOI process as part of stage two of the Property Development Process (PDP) as designed and agreed between the WCG and the National Treasury. 


What is the Property Development Process (PDP) about?

The PDP broadly requires the Department of Transport and Public Works to review its property portfolio on a regular basis to identify under-utilised properties that might be available for investment using private capital. 


What is the purpose of an EOI process? 

The primary purpose of an EOI is for the Department of Transport and Public Works to obtain feedback from the market and gather information from prospective respondents to determine best-use options for the four properties.


What happens during an EOI process?

During the EOI process, Department of Transport and Public Works requires respondents to provide specific information about themselves and responses to questions about Phase 1 of the Regeneration Programme. This information is then evaluated by the department to guide it to consider a particular option to pursue.
The EOI process itself does not form part of the formal procurement process.


How can I get involved in the EOI process?

A prospective respondent can request a copy of the EOI document via e-mail: TPWTender.helpdesk@westerncape.gov.za


Is the WCG selling its properties?

Until the Department of Transport and Public Works completes the EOI process and undertakes an in-depth Feasibility Study to determine the optimal solution, no decision has been taken whether it sells, leases or develops these properties.


How long will this process take?

The envisiged date to complete the procurement stage and select the preferred bidders is 1 April 2015.


Will my proposal be shared with other bidders?

Whatever the proposal is, the process will still go through an open and competitive bid process. Proposals sent in by prospective respondents, if considered to be a likely option, does not mean it will only be restricted to the respondent who sent in the proposal.


What are the costs associated with the EOI?

There are no costs associated with the submission of the EOI, besides postage costs possibly, as this is not a formal tender process.


Can I bid if I was not part of the Investment Conference?

Attendance to the Investors Conference was not compulsory and prospective respondents and bidders are not prohibited from submitting responses to the EOI and bids when the procurement stage is reached.


Can I put in a proposal before the advertisement of the tender?

Yes.  However, the tender will still be an open, transparent and competitive process.


Where can I get more information on this process?

The EOI provides valuable information on the process going ahead. You can also direct questions or issues requiring clarity to the following e-mail address: special.project@westerncape.gov.za.

The content on this page was last updated on 9 April 2014