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Examiner of Vehicles

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)

Students will be trained to test the roadworthiness of different classes of motor vehicles.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 10 certificate.
  • Must be employed by a local or provincial authority or a private registered testing centre.
  • No criminal record.
  • Applicable driving licence as listed below.

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(Course fees subject to change annually as per Provincial Treasury regulations)

Examiner grade Driving licence requirements Course duration
A A and EC 12 weeks
B A and EB 12 weeks


Pass Requirements

To qualify as an examiner of vehicles, the student has to be found competent after successfully

completing a summative and practical examination.


Examiners are graded (A or B) and registered in terms of their applicable driving licence as regulated by

the National Road Traffic Act 93/1996.


Examiner of Vehicles Qualification
Examiner Grade Goods vehicles (GVM less than 3 500kg) Goods vehicles (GVM more than 3 500kg) Buses (GVM less than 3 500kg) Buses (GVM more than 3 500kg) Minibuses Light motor vehicles Motor cycles
A x x x x x x x
B x   x   x x x

GVM = Gross Vehicle Mass

Course Content

  • Communication and human relations
  • Definitions
  • Legislation
  • Certify vehicle roadworthiness
  • Compliance of equipment and fittings fitted outside a vehicle
  • Dimensions of vehicles for roadworthiness
  • Retro-reflectors and reflecting material
  • Lamps and lighting
  • Drawing equipment and body works
  • Inspection of the passenger compartment
  • Inspection of undercarriage of a vehicle
  • Brakes on vehicles
  • Passenger carrying vehicles
  • Motorcycles

Students will perform a practical examination on the following vehicles:

  • Light motor vehicle
  • Heavy motor vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • Minibus
  • Bus

Graduates can register as Examiners of Vehicles (EOV) and perform the relevant duties once the course is completed.

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