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Entrepreneur and small business support

Small and Micro BusinessesSmall businesses are the engine room of the province's economy. Small and micro enterprises (SMEs) contribute 34% to our National economy. 

Many people want to become an entrepreneur and start a small business. Starting one gives you the freedom of being your own boss, you get the opportunity to improve your community and you provide opportunities to your fellow citizens.

However, it can be both exhilarating and daunting at the same time.

The Western Cape Government understands that entrepreneurs and small business start-ups are vital to the growth of the province and our economy, and many career opportunities exist for you if you want to start your own small businesses. 

The following services from the Department of Economic Development and Tourism are available to entrepreneurs, to support you in the venture of getting your business off the ground.

Enterprise Development Unit

Through its Enterprise Development Unit, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism offers a suite of services and support programmes to develop and grow small businesses in the Western Cape. 

The unit’s objective is to facilitate engagements between relevant stakeholders to ensure demand-led support intervention and to develop and grow small businesses through enhanced access to financial and non-financial support. Find out what support and services are on offer at the unit. 

Cape Agency for Sustainable Integrated Development in Rural Areas (Casidra)

Casidra focusses on improving the social and economic wellbeing of rural people. Community development projects are all aimed at alleviating poverty and facilitate economic empowerment and sustainability. Ultimately helping to establish self-sufficient communities.

Agri-processing Supplier Development

Small and Micro BusinessesThe Agri-processing Supplier Development Programme supports the development of businesses with growth potential in the agri-processing sector. Businesses will be developed through a structured process – business turnaround or business improvement – to ensure upward movement in the value chains of the agri-processing sector as well as its associated value chains.

Investment Readiness Guidelines

Designed for entrepreneurs and businesses, the funding readiness guide has 12 guidelines to help you access finance for your business.

  1. Understanding the funding eco-system.
  2. Understand the funder mandates.
  3. Identify the correct form of funding.
  4. Document your problem/opportunity.
  5. Plot and link your needs to the funder's mandate and form of funding.
  6. Prepare for application.
  7. Build a data-room.
  8. Submit application.
  9. What to expect in a due diligence.
  10. Success factors of a due diligence: Deal Makers and Breakers.
  11. Credit Comittee/Approval Stage.
  12. Disbursement.
The content on this page was last updated on 10 March 2021