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Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute

AgricultureWhy study agriculture?

Agriculture plays an important role in the Western Cape’s economy and in the well-being of its people. The industry creates jobs and opportunities, and feeds our citizens. Without farmers, millions of people would be left hungry, and an entire sector of our economy would be impeded. That is why it is important that we pass down agricultural skills from one generation to the next.

At Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute students learn about the fundamental principles of farming and other agricultural practices. The institute promotes sound, integrated managerial and skills training in agriculture. It also offers advanced specialisation in area specific fields of excellence informed by industry and societal needs.

The institution trains students to become farmers and also prepares them for the challenges that can affect the industry, such as climate change, the introduction of new pests and diseases, and natural disasters.

After students complete their studies, they will be equipped to contribute positively to food security in South Africa and be able to face global challenges in the agricultural sector.

Agriculture in the Western Cape Study agriculture

Study agriculture

In the Western Cape, 17,6% of people are employed in the agri-processing industry or a related field. Agri-processing, which is the manufacturing of raw materials and products that comes from the agricultural sector, contributes R12 billion to our economy.

Agriculture is a global industry and the Western Cape is part of that interconnected economy. The deciduous fruit industry, the wine industry and the citrus industry is the cornerstone of our agricultural economy. In 2017, China imported 18.23 million litres of South African wines, which is an increase of 9.52 million litres over four years. The Western Cape’s Halaal relevant exports totalled R10,2 billion in 2017.

The Western Cape Government also provides support to small scale farmers, as well as provides bursaries and internships to prospective farmers through the Young Professional Programme.

Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute

Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute was established in 1898 and was the first Agriculturecentre for agricultural training in Africa. Situated on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, students are guaranteed high-level, quality education, as well as an all rounded student experience that includes sports activities, student residences and other extramural activities.

The training institution has secured an eminent track record in agriculture and especially in the field of agricultural training. Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute offers Higher Education and Training (HET) and Agricultural Skills Development (ASD) level training, as well as a B.Agric degree that is offered in partnership with Stellenbosch University. Students are exposed to a range of subjects such as plant production, animal production, cellar technology, wine production, equine studies and scientific research within agriculture.

At present, the following qualifications can be obtained:

For more information about enrolment and requirements, please visit the Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute website or contact the training institution at 021 808 7700 or email the college at study@elsenburg.com.

Where to apply?

The closing date for applications for all programmes is 31 July 2020. Please note that although the B. Agric degree closes on the Stellenbosch University system on 30 June, applications made after that can be sent to study@elsenburg.com

Application forms can be downloaded from the Elsenburg website or collected at the college. Applications for the B.Agric degree have to be completed via the Stellenbosch University online portal.

What bursaries are available?

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture awards bursaries to students studying full-time at a Higher Educational Institution towards obtaining a SAQA registered qualification in the Agricultural fields, or High School learners studying mathematics and sciences who have been identified as potential candidates for further studies in the Agricultural fields.

To find out what bursaries are available to students who wish to study or are already studying agriculture, please visit the Elsenburg website.

Do you want to study agriculture?

The content on this page was last updated on 18 June 2020