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Eco-friendly Khayelitsha Hospital

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)
Eco-friendly Khayelitsha Hospital

Khayelitsha Hospital

Khayelitsha Hospital received a Level 3 accreditation in terms of carbon footprint with considerable emphasis placed on conserving energy.

The Department of Transport and Public Works ensured that the hospital incorporated the following "green" features:

  • Extensive passive design interventions to reduce reliance on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation.
  • A renewable energy system comprising a 25 kWP solar PV system and a 2 kW wind turbine.
  • The use of low energy artificial lighting - LED, CFLs etc.
  • Use of heat pumps and positioning of mechanical plant at main kitchen for energy optimisation.
  • The use of clean water from autoclaves for re-use in toilets and water features.
  • The minimum use of volatile organic compounds products including adhesives, solvent based finishes and paints.

The Construction Phase

Other energy-saving initiatives include water recycling and the extensive use of passive systems to assist with internal climatic control. Low maintenance materials are used taking the maintenance regime of the building into consideration.

Khayelitsha Hospital Services:

  • Inpatient services such as surgical, medical, paediatric, obstetrics and overnight beds.
  • Medical day ward, predominantly for ARV referrals.
  • Large accident and emergency unit, which is 30% larger than that of a standard district hospital trauma unit.
  • Large maternity ward, 30% larger than that of a standard district hospital trauma unit.
  • EMS/Ambulance Station with heli-port that will serve as the divisional headquarters of the Khayelitsha sub-district and Helderberg basin.
  • Obstetrics unit also includes a nursery and kangaroo mother care facility.

Hospital Costs

The Khayelitsha Hospital cost R632 million to design and construct:

  • R556 million went to infrastructure.
  • R60 million went to Health technology.
  • R16 million went to organisational development and quality assurance.

Watch how Dr Anwar Kharwa, CEO: Khayelitsha Hospital and Mark Peters, Facilities Manager describe the state-of-the-art Khayelitsha Hospital as the best in Africa.

Khayelitsha Hospital

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