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Drive Smart - Save Fuel - Save Money

(The Government of South Africa)

A large percentage of motorists drive vehicles with badly tuned engines, which means that money is literally blown out through the exhaust pipe! The Department of Minerals and Energy urges fuel consumers to follow these consumption-conscious driving techniques to make each litre of petrol go further.

  • Close the car's windows when driving, because an open window creates a drag that increases fuel consumption by as much as 20%. For a person who spends R150 a week on petrol, 20% savings could mean saving R30 a week, which adds up to R120 a month. That is money one could pay towards his/her bond or money that can be saved for a rainy day.

  • Use multigrade oil in your engine because it reduces drag.

  • Service your car regularly.

  • Use a logbook to record your fuel purchases and kilometres travelled in order to set new economic goals and to spot radical differences in the performance of your vehicle due to mechanical malfunction.

  • If possible, establish lift clubs.

  • Switch to radial-ply tyres because they offer less rolling resistance and longer life than the cross-ply variety.

  • Avoid driving with under-inflated tyres because tyre pressure that is too low not only increases consumption, but also remarkably reduces tyre life.

  • Avoid stop-start driving.

  • Accelerate slowly.

  • Don't speed. The faster you drive, the more petrol you use.
The content on this page was last updated on 4 June 2014