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Departmental Budget Speeches 2016

Provincial budget speech for 2016

Western Cape Finance Minister Ivan Meyer delivered the 2016 Provincial Budget Speech on 3 March 2016. In his speech he outlined the provincial government's priority spending plan for the next financial year.

The budget allocates resources to these high priority areas that support the Western Cape Government’s vision of an Open, Opportunity Society for All, and towards delivery on the 5 Provincial Strategic Goals (2014-2019). These include the following:

  • Create opportunities for growth and jobs.
  • Improve education outcomes and opportunities for youth development.
  • Increase wellness, safety and tackle social ills.
  • Enable a resilient, sustainable, quality and inclusive living environment.
  • Embed good governance and integrated service delivery through partnerships and spatial alignment.

2016 Budget overview

Departmental budget speeches

Each provincial department is allocated a budget that is used to deliver services in the province, and to help the province reach its Provincial Strategic Goals. 

In their budget presentations to provincial parliament, the provincial ministers outline how their budget allocation will be spent in their department.

The Western Cape Government's provincial ministers presented their departmental budget speeches to provincial parliament between 18 and 31 March.

Find out how the provincial departments plan to spend their 2016 budgets, and how these plans may impact you in the year ahead. You can view each of the provincial budget speeches below, as soon as they become available:

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