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Did you spend too much over the holidays? Office of the Consumer Protector Budget

The Office of the Consumer Protector (OCP) has launched a consumer awareness campaign. The aim is to create awareness about what you as a consumer can do when you find youself in financial distress, especially after high-spending periods such as the festive season. 

There's been an upward trend in the number of consumer complaints and enquiries regarding goods and services bought during the holidays. The Office of the Consumer Protector has noticed that consumers usually struggle financially after holiday periods like the festive season. While some complaints are genuine, many are frivolous, for example when consumers try to return goods that are bought for no valid reasons other than to get their money back.
Communication campaigns and workshops are run by OCP to raise awareness about the importance of financial planning. 
If you need debt management guidance and advice, get in touch with the OCP office to get the help you need. 
Regular financial literacy workshops are hosted by OCP to educate consumers about responsible spending, and we encourage you to take part in these workshops. Organisations, schools, colleges, businesses and communities that would like to book workshops on financial literacy can contact Mr Phenias Ncube at the Office of the Consumer Protector on 021 483 9282.
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The content on this page was last updated on 17 March 2017