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The Western Cape Government’s Cape Access programme makes information and communication technology available and accessible to rural and underprivileged communities in the Western Cape.

The Cape Access programme has established 70 eCentres in rural communities throughout the province over the last 14 years. The people living in these communities now have access to computers and internet. They have access to online information for different uses, such as school projects, job applications, internet banking, SARS efiling, research, creating their CVs, accessing social media, etc. Members of the eCentres get free:

  • use of computers
  • access to the internet
  • access to email
  • printing (a maximum of 10 pages per person per day)
  • basic computer training
  • access to government information and services
  • access to jobs, business and research information
  • accredited computer training.

Klaarstroom eCentre

Focus on Klaarstroom eCentre

It's difficult to imagine a world without access to computers and internet. In a lot of rural towns in the Western Cape that's the reality. This is no different for the small village of Klaarstroom 60 kilometres from Prince Albert in the Western Cape.

With its population of just more than 500 people there's a need for access to information and communication technologies (ICT). This is the kind of rural community that the Cape Access programme wants to assist through setting up eCentres for these communities.

The Klaarstroom eCentre was opened in 2016 in the Central Karoo district. Now the centre forms an integral part of the community. The centre employs interns to prepare them for their future careers. They also assist the interns with bursary, university and study loans applications.

This eCentre is making remarkable progress with their basic and accredited computer training. Over the last 2 years, the centre had 2 graduation ceremonies. Now Klaarstroom has 15 more residents who are computer literate. The next graduation will take place in May 2018.

Last December they partnered with the Prince Albert municipality to host a successful holiday programme for the children. The success of this has led to talks to make this an annual programme.

The Klaarstroom eCentre, as with all the other eCentres in the province, has helped many community members to find jobs, apply for and get accepted at tertiary institutions and help them keep in touch with family and friends who lives far from them. These centres are open to all.

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The content on this page was last updated on 22 May 2018