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Cape Access is bringing ICT services to Bongolethu


The Bongolethu Cape Access Centre assists local citizens to communicate more effectively with government and communities around the world by providing access to e-mail, internet and various government services.

Bongolethu is situated on the outskirts of Oudtshoorn. The area is far from Oudtshoorn’s town centre, where one will find most of the internet cafes. Many residents can't travel to the town centre to use the internet cafes to access the internet or online services.

The Bongolethu Cape Access Centre, which opened in 2004, gives 14 000 community members access to the internet, printing services and basic computer training. Staff at the e-Centre assist visitors with online applications and assignments for college or university. The e-Centre is the only centre that offers Basic Business Computer Literacy, which helps local entrepreneurs to create their invoices and admin files on computers.

Every day, about 60 people visit the Bongolethu Cape Access Centre to print documents and connect to the internet. The e-Centre allows residents to print important documents, find jobs, and access online government services.

Many of the visitors are also school children who come to the e-Centre in the afternoons after school for school projects, research, and homework. Many older citizens visit the e-Centre to learn basic computer skills that they’ll use to contact family members online.

According to the e-Centre manager, "There are users who get jobs because of our training offered, or a CV that is typed and printed at the centre. While students who were helped with proper research get great marks.”

As with all the other Cape Access Centres in the Western Cape, the centre helps many community members find jobs, apply for and get accepted at tertiary institutions and help them keep in touch with family and friends who live far from them. These centres are open to all.


  • Free Internet Access
  • Email Access and assistance to create emails
  • Online Job searches and applications
  • Online University Applications
  • Free Printing of maximum 10 pages per day


  • Basic Informal Computer Course Training
  • E-learner Online Computer Course Training
  • International Computer Digital Literacy (ICDL) Computer Course Training

Contact the e-Centre:

Tel: 044 274 0017


Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00

The content on this page was last updated on 24 October 2022