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Beaufort West Forensic Pathology Laboratory

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)

Beaufort West Lab

The Department of Transport and Public Works completed the construction of the Beaufort West Forensic Pathology Laboratory in April 2012.

The new laboratory brings forensic services closer to the community of Beaufort West and its surrounding areas. This lab will relieve some of the pressure off the only other major lab within the Karoo based in George.

New Laboratory Benefits:

  • It is in the centre of the high accidents zone which means that the N1 highway and other national roads accidents will be rapidly addressed especially during the holiday seasons.
  • It is used by the Beaufort West Hospital for its specific requirements.

Beaufort West Lab

Job Creation and Training Opportunities

Job Creation
  • The local domestic subcontractors were used for several trades including earthworks, building works, external and landscaping.
  • The department used local suppliers of building material and sundries from the area.
Training opportunities

Local students were offered internships in which they did their practical according to their relevant trades of studies:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Paintwork
  • Air-con mechanical
  • Brickwork
  • Plasterwork

















Other Public Works Projects:

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